Rose Publishing Review – Armor of God

I am kind of a visual guy, so I like good graphics to inspect when I am checking out a book to read. For me it gives insight into the thoughts of the writer beyond written words, and helps me to better understand the concepts being presented. Rose Publishing is without an equal in this […]

Prophetic teachers, and such…

Recently, I have been seeing more of those who would be teachers of end times come out and actually muddy the waters and make it lukewarm. They really have no Biblical foundation for their teachings, but lean more towards ‘science’ or ‘The times’. The Bible actually speaks of these times when people prefer a good […]

Who are the 24 Elders?

This can get rather lengthy, as we see in ALL our study of Revelation. So I will focus on the difference between the elders and the multitude. We see in 4:1 there was a portal opened in Heaven! And a voice like a trumpet spoke to John. Then he was in Heaven, he saw a […]

September, and the Pope!

As we talk about September 2015, I can only think of what may come. There are certain dynamics to pay close attention to. It’s super-close, but that means there will also be misdirection. But that does NOT negate that we are close. The very fact that there ARE false flags means that they are designed […]

Who is this Lucifer?

For most of my life, I have been under the impression that Isaiah chapter 14 references Lucifer as satan, and how he fell from Heaven a long time ago, perhaps before mankind. This is the predominant teaching in the church. I must admit that in my many years of study, I did not study this. […]

In the midst of the battle, there’s light in the darkness.

We see the birth pains growing stronger and getting closer, as in Mathew 24. But these are just the beginning. The Word speaks of horrible things happening that have never been seen before. Jesus speaks of the ‘Days of Noah’ too, which I believe refers to the nephylim. “Matt 24:37-38 But as the days of […]

Get Ready! The birth pains are increasing!

Well folks, I have been looking up for years now to see when the Lord is coming. We could see it was close, but always knew it was stil a little bit away. Just like a pregnancy. Now we can feel the contractions getting closer and closer. We see so many things, things we may […]

Heaven is outside space/time… Whaaaat!?

We spoke about Planck time and space earlier. You know, where they are actually measured by digital units indicating that they are not infinite, but in fact finite. That proves that they were specifically created as a dimension for us to exist in. What an awesome Father we have! He created tiny little building blocks […]

Truth? You can’t handle the truth!

Often times people may ask me to show ‘proof of my beliefs’. I have a few responses to that, sometimes they are nice. But the big picture is this… Truths stand on their own, they don’t need me or anyone else to show ‘proof’ of any kind. They are quite self evident. If you do […]

Like a scroll?

Here’s a mind bending revelation for you. The heavens will be rolled up, and the stars will dissolve and fall down. How can you roll up all the heavens? How do you dissolve stars? Where will they fall to? Did I leave the iron on? Ahhh! Too many questions. One at a time please. Isaiah […]