I am kind of a visual guy, so I like good graphics to inspect when I am checking out a book to read. For me it gives insight into the thoughts of the writer beyond written words, and helps me to better understand the concepts being presented. Rose Publishing is without an equal in this department. Their graphics across the board are one of many compelling reasons to make them a mainstay in your Bible quest.

Another factor is their unbiased, detailed presentation of facts. You can rest assured they have no agenda to push or theology other than Jesus, God the Son, who gave His life for us and rose for us. These facts are simply presented very well for you to make your own conclusions.

This brings me to my privilege of reviewing some products of theirs. The first of which is “The Armor of God”, a wonderful booklet available in a pdf, a pamphlet, a Power Point or wall chart. So as you can probably guess, the first thing I noticed was the cool Roman soldier with, of all things, word pictures of spiritual truths. So since I liked the pictures, I was excited to read what was in it, and immediately looked through the rest of the booklet to see the other graphics. This gave me a bird’s eye view of what I was about to encounter.

It starts with a great visual and written synopsis of the subject matter. The verses are listed with focus points in bold and corresponding arrows pointing out each topic. This categorization helped create a clear picture in my mind and absorb the teaching better. Each piece of the armor is then given full attention with details about the Description of Armor, Historical Background, Application, Other Biblical Passages and the Greek or Latin Term. It is quite comprehensive.

They then brought up the rear with background information about Paul and life in Ephesus, and even included a map of the area at the time. Then, the crowning glory of the work; a spreadsheet spotlighting the works of the devil and contrasting it with God’s plan, and where to find scripture to bolster your armor. PRICELESS!

One thing I would have like to have seen is the heptadic structure revealed ( group of seven ) We see Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, Salvation, Word… Prayer should be included AS armor, making it the seventh piece. ‘Praying always… in the Spirit’. I liken it to the Sabbath day, the seventh day that gives meaning to the first six. Prayer is the power behind ALL of these pieces of armor. It is the tie that binds them all together. All said, it is a powerful prayer page encompassing usage of the armor and effectively ushering each piece into your life.

Rose Publishing did provide a copy of the work to me, and asked for an honest review, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have always been a fan of Rose, and this did NOT disappoint.

Overall, this is a life changing passage and Rose does it justice with this work. I would definitely recommend it for personal growth, or even better, the topic of a group Bible study so members can help each other fight the good fight!

go here to get it! www.rose-publishing.com

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