We spoke about Planck time and space earlier. You know, where they are actually measured by digital units indicating that they are not infinite, but in fact finite. That proves that they were specifically created as a dimension for us to exist in. What an awesome Father we have! He created tiny little building blocks and made an extraordinary number of different things from them. Even more amazing is that He breathed life into some of His Spirit into us.

Well, guess what. The realm we enter into after we pass on is beyond the confines of length, width, height and time. So imagine what He has in store when you add more dimensions. Early Hebrew scholars even contend that there are as many as 10 dimensions because of the fact that Genesis chapter 1 has 10 ‘God said’s. Even one more dimension will add an exponential multiplication of all senses, and possibly brand new ones. So you would be able to see more colors, more vividly. Hear more sounds with more depth. Taste more flavors more intensely. And love on levels that mirror His love for us.

Keep in mind that He is our Father, and just like a good father He wants good things for us. ‘Will he give him a stone?’ (Mat 7:9-11). I think of 1Cor 2:9 again where He states basically that I can’t even imagine the wonderful things waiting for me. Well, I have a pretty strong imagination, so I am super excited to see what it is. More than that, I can’t wait to experience His love for me face to face.

All of this happens all at once yet never-ending, lasting forever without a second passing and it happens everywhere at the same time.

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