Often times people may ask me to show ‘proof of my beliefs’. I have a few responses to that, sometimes they are nice. But the big picture is this… Truths stand on their own, they don’t need me or anyone else to show ‘proof’ of any kind. They are quite self evident. If you do not believe them, then YOU will be extremely disappointed when they are revealed, to the extent possibly of eternal separation from anything good. Which implies an eternal connection to all things unimaginably evil. If you want to wager your Spirit on that, that’s your choice, I feel sorry for you. But don’t argue with me about truth.

I will stand before Yahweh myself one day, but He will see Yeshua! I have traded my life with His. If you do NOT trade your life with Yeshua, then YOU will have to stand before the Creator of the universe and show ‘proof’ to Him as to how YOU are good enough to get into HIS heaven, that HE made, with HIS rules… go ahead, try that.

In the meantime, we are here. I will not judge you because I was lost once too. I will reflect His Glory as best I can. I will share the truth with you in hope that you will see. But I WILL NOT argue with you about eternal truths. If you don’t want to believe, that’s your issue. Go talk to someone else. If you want to hear truth, let’s talk to the Lord together and see what He answers!

Let me share this. In my years of seeking truth, I have found that the more I learn, it exponentially reveals the truths I don’t know yet. So I have an eternity of exciting knowledge to learn! After 35 years of knowing Him, I haven’t even begun. Praise Him! Come with me.

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