The heavens are representative of the sky and space, not necessarily our dwelling place for eternity. The realm of angels and Yahweh, Yeshua and Ruah ha’Qodesh. ( Father, Son, Holy Spirit ). Yeshua will rule the heavens for eternity, and we are to rule and reign with Him. I guess that’s where the concept comes from. But more acurately, we will dwell in the New Jerusalem on the new Earth. From there, we will be able to travel around the heavens and explore all the unimaginably cool stuff He created.

So that’s what I am going to examine, what will the New Jerusalem be like? Firstly, did you know the name of the city is actually plural? ‘Yerushalayim’ ( rain down peace ) That indicates right from the beginning that there were two of them. Here’ what the new one looks like. When we first see her, she will be adorned as a bride! I remember my bride when she first revealed herself, I nearly fell out with joy at her beauty. I can’t yet imagine how breathtaking our new home with Elohim will be, but I sure am ready.

From what I understand in Rev 21, it has transparent gold for streets. Giant gates made from one pearl ( that must be a HUGE oyster! ), no need for the sun or moon to light it, because the glory of God will light it. And Yeshua will reign from His throne there, and I will rule with Him… Interesting.

When we arrive, there will be no more time, no more sea, no more sorrow or pain. There will also be more colors, more beautiful sounds and we will all be young for eternity. Praise and Glory!

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