There is a great history of the language, and you can start here to get into tremendous details.

But I just want to get the basics and the origin so I can have a deep understanding of the Bible. That’s what I will be sharing in my writings. I bought a textbook, and hopefully I can learn alot from it. Here are the specs.

I started with Aleph, the first Hebrew letter. I found and acquired some Otiot cue cards too,

So lets get started… Aleph represents power and strength, as shown by an Ox head. It symbolizes headship, and thereby the headship of Yahweh, the Father. Usage within a word infers being yolked or taught by the Headship. It also numerically represents 1, implying the oneness of Yahweh. This is because of a complex numerical system called Gematria demonstrating the order depicted by the alphabet.

Some say that it is silent, but it has the sound of ‘ah’ or ‘eh’, and its not as simple as that. It is more like a throat sound that can be imitated by a short stoppage of breath.

The physical structure of aleph is also very interesting and significant. Its actually comprised of other letters: two yuds on top and bottom of a vav. Yud is equal to 10, vav is six. That equals 26, that same value of God’s four-letter name. YHWH (Yud, Heh,Vav, Heh)

It is also very interesting and symbolic where they are located. The two yuds are said to represent the waters above and below, while the vav denotes the firmament, as seen in the creation account (Gen 1:6-8). The vav connects the two yuds. This demonstrates man’s closeness to as well as distance from God. Showing God’s omnipotence. The two worlds become one. And I thought it was just a letter.

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