Have you seen the latest ones? Yowzers! They are quickly moving into the great deception. The episode about geniuses goes on about how they must be tapping into universal concousness facilitated by … you guessed it! .. Ancient aliens. The show interviews so-called experts who explain, quite convincingly, that it must have been aliens throughout all history that gave insight to geniuses along the way. And that they planned certain inventions to at set times. I guess that could explain the technological advances over the last century. The problem is this… they are lying. The real story goes somewhat like this. Part of satan’s first lie to man was the same, ‘You will know good and evil’, essentially that we would be all wise and knowing. Read Enoch 32 as well.

The next one talks about being raised from the dead and living a REALLY long time. Does that sound familiar? Gen 3… ‘You won’t die…’ That’s also why we see an exponential rise in zombies, inn movie, TV shows, video games… everywhere. Satan is numbing society so when he comes with his lies they will be easily swallowed.

Here’s a synopsis for you. The nephilim were never meant to be. They were illegally created by satan and his fallen ones. They are an abomination, and as such have no rights to a relationship with YHWH and no future in Heaven. Their spirits were put into the hybrid bodies called nephilim and rephaim. But now their bodies are dead. So what do they do? They try to bring them back to life, or build new hybrids to walk around in. They roam around earth and even seek to inhabit humans until they can find something to live in. That’s the reason for the UFO encounters, the bio-engineering, the crossbreeding of humans and animals and of course… ancient aliens, that will share with us ‘great wisdom’.

Well, just like Hal Lindsey, I am again struck with the speed at which prophecy is unveiling. Get ready my saved brothers and sisters, He’s close! And He has delivered us by His Blood. Praise Yeshua!

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