We are starting to hear more and more about the giants of old. Even the History Channel has a new series. Of course it is biased, but a well done show. And if you know what you looking at, you can read the truth behind it. There are a few reasons we are starting to see this. First is that Yhwh tells us this will happen. Jesus said it will be like the days of Noah. We are seeing that. Some say that ‘marrying and given in marriage’ refers to the nephylim when they took the daughters of men to marry. I tend to lean in that direction too.

Another popular show is Ancient Aliens. I believe they are putting all these ideas together for the great deception. From the beginning the fallen ones have been lying about who they are. They claim to be gods and have supernatural power and strength. This is evident throughout history in the myriad of myths from every nation. They all have the same theme… The gods had human wives and created a super race. These offspring were huge, strong, smart and commanded servitude. The show examines amazing technology and places from around the globe. then always asks the same question, which I find hilarious by the way. “Could they have been……. ANCIENT ALIENS?” The real answer, which they must avoid, is that they are the nephylim, and raphaim, their descendants. You can read all about them if you do a Strongs search for 5303 and 7497.

So here’s the outline of the lie… Get the world to trust in evolution by calling it ‘science’. That will cause them to disbelieve the Bible and be blind to the truth of their deception. Follow that with generous doses of “billions of years”. Top it off with seemingly intelligent scientists to confirm these hypotheses. Then they will be primed for when the rapture occurs. It will obviously be aliens who have taken the millions of people from the planet. They will offer their solutions… One world leader, technology to change your DNA so you can live longer and healthier, one religion, worship babylon and her political system, and of course don’t mention Jesus or Israel. The demons will pose as aliens with supernatural power to help against the other ‘bad’ aliens, again. It’s all the same lie, just like Jesus said, “as in the days of Noah”

The problem then goes from bad to extremely horrible. People will start to see the immense hideousness of these demons as they begin to manifest. The gates of hell will open up around the globe, replete with unmeasurable fear. Dreadfully gruesome beings will arise from the abyss to torture mankind. Men will cry to the mountains to ‘fall on us’, but they cannot die because of the evil technology. It is impossible to imagine the horror! Praise Yhwh I will be with Him!

This all comes about because satan is furious with mankind and our Father. He wants to thwart God’s plan, destroy the seed of man and corrupt it to make a being in his image. Obviously he will fail.

But don’t fear! Yhswh ( Jeshua, (Jesus)) has come to save you! He has paid an immense price for you with His very Body and Blood. He wants YOU to be with Him for all time and eternity. That’s another reason for increased interest. When it gets darker, the light gets more noticeable. People are looking for truth. Are You?

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