Remember when Moses sent one representative from each tribe to search out the land of Canaann? To find out if the inhabitants were strong or weak, few or many and if the land was good or bad? Then Joshua and Caleb were the only two who came back with a faithful report, that even though there were giants in the land, Israel could take it because Yahweh was on their side. The rest of them were fearful and doubted Him. Today we will focus on the ‘giants’ part.

We are told in the Word that in these last days it will be like the days of Noah. Well this is one of the biggest harbingers. In Gen 6 it speaks of the nephilim, literally the fallen ones taking human women and having children with them. Although this word does not limit to giants, it certainly includes them. They were hybrids with human DNA in an attempt by satan to create his own race and corrupt the pure human genetic line. This is why our loving Father had to destroy the Earth as it was, so we can have a future. Gen 6:4 says they also in the Earth ‘after that’. These are the giants that the Israelites saw in Canaan. Canaan was a son of Ham and it means ‘humiliated’. It is believed that the giants descended from him, and then Anak. We get the secular view of Anunaki from this too. These evil beings were completely viscious and destructive, and have no regard for Yahweh. There are skeletons found all over the world of these giants, along with other types of nephilim and raphaim. Their souls cannot go to heaven, but still live eternally. So they have to be either confined to the depths of the earth, or roam around seeking to destroy men, those who are the Sons of God, or saved by grace.

It could get pretty deep and I will continue to write about these things at a later time. But for now I want to focus on the fact that all these things are being perpetrated in our society now. We see the resurgence of alien interest, hybrids, crossbreed monsters, and all sorts of evils. It is an attempt to desensitize us so they can proliforate in these days. Satan and his cohorts know that their time is just about up and are drumming up a final attempt to overtake the world. He is trying to convince us through the deception of evolution that we can do something to make us live forever, know all things and that the Father really does not love us if He exists at all. There ya go… the first lie comes back around. ‘You shall be like gods, and not die, and you will know what is good and evil’. Turn on the Light, my friends! (John 1)

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