While I am not an expert in any actual science, i am fascinated by science and read on creation/evolution evidence on a regular basis. I have learned a great deal, and believe even more than most who claim to be experts. I am more the signpost in the wilderness of lies pointing the right direction to those who would seek truth. I will walk you to the real experts I have found, and point out the falicies of those who would lie or chose to remain blind.

I cannot understand why anyone would ignore blatant facts just to hold on to a sacred idea, ie deep-time and evolution. There is absolutely no evidence for millions of years, and plenty of disproof. It seems they have to tell the same lie over and over and over, just so they don’t have to trust God. “4.5 billion years”, “Big Bang”, “Evolution” etc. Tell a lie loud enough and long enough, eventually people will believe it… like Hitler.

I, for one, choose to believe the written accounts of real people who were there as opposed to some fairy-tale made up by modern so-called scientists who ignore proven facts. How about you?

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