One thing that evolutionists insist on is proving ‘deep time’. You see, they need deep time to help with their illusionary explanations of history. But I have discovered that when you present the question of origins, and their take on how we got here, they don’t want to talk about it. Here’s why, there is no possible way for life to have spontaneously appeared, it’s way too complex. So they inevitably revert back to arguments about time instead of mature discussions of ‘how did we get here?’ Usually they will fight incessantly About this erroneous proof or that. But when you present another view that is actually a better explanation of their ‘proof’, but purports a designer, they do one of a few choice actions; they criticize or ridicule your view, data or process, or they will resort to name calling, but most of the time they will just ignore the question. A childish “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality.

Our guidebook, given by the Creator, clearly states this will be the case in the end days. (Matt 24:38-39, 2 Pet 3:1-18). It amazing to me how the beginning ties to the end. All of creation and time are a glorious, intertwined mosaic mural of God’s immense Glory!! And it all ties together, so we are without excuse. So what’s your excuse?

So here’s the deal… We are CLOSE! Thats the focus of The Hidden Day. Jesus will come at the last trump. No one knows the day or the hour, but we are commanded to know the season. LOOK UP, your redemption draws near. He loves you, and wants to hang out with you. Accept His gift of salvation today, before its too late.

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