Often times I get a heated argument from doubters about ‘presupposition’. That is the idea that we, as creationists, start with the Bible then try to fit science into it. … IT’S TRUE, it’s called faith. The Bible is our foundation given by God to show us HIS creation. Who are we to argue with God? Science is the study of what is by demonstrable recreation. But we need a starting point. Our starting point is the Bible because it has withstood thousands of years of people trying to disprove it. And because everyone knows intrinsically that He is God ( Rom 1:20-23 ) Jesus IS the Creator, and all evidence points to that.

Here is the problem the doubters won’t face… Evolution, and ‘Millions of years’, is also a presupposition, or faith. None of us were there at the beginning, so by default, we must pre-suppose. What happens is that they do NOT want to believe in God, so they make up scenarios in an attempt to disprove Him. So all their dictates must point in that direction. In essence, their ‘god’ is ‘eons of time’, because that is what allegedly led to life.

I prefer to trust Jesus and what He says. – ‘They’ continue to fight against a god they don’t believe exists. That seems like a huge waste of time to me. I am so glad Jesus loves me. He loves you too!

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